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= 1986 =

Groupe / Artiste Album Label Pays Genre Chr.
Ain Soph Hat And Field King Records Japon Fusion / Canterbury
Allan Holdsworth Atavachron Enigma / Restless UK Fusion -
Bill Connors Double Up Evidence USA Jazz-Rock / Fusion
Chick Corea Elektric Band The Chick Corea Elektric Band GRP USA Jazz-Rock
Coda Sounds of Passion Dureco / Si-Wan Pays-Bas Prog Symphonique -
Emerson, Lake & Powell Emerson, Lake & Powell Polydor UK Prog Symphonique -
Frank Zappa Jazz From Hell Rykodisc USA Rock / Fusion / Expér.
Genesis Invisible Touch Atlantic UK Pop-Rock -
Geoff Downes The Light Program Blueprint UK Synthés -
GTR GTR One Way UK Art-Rock / Pop-Rock -
IQ Living Proof [Live] GEP UK Néo-Prog
It Bites The Big Lad In The Windmill Virgin UK Art-Rock / Pop
John Renbourn The Nine Maidens Flying Fish UK Folk-Rock / Classique
Kansas Power Legacy USA Rock Symphonique
Magnum Vigilante Polydor UK Heavy Prog Rock -
Nazca Estacion De Sombra Discos Naja Mexique RIO / Avant garde -
Ozric Tentacles There Is Nothing Dovetail UK Space Rock -
Queensryche Rage For Order EMI USA Prog-Métal -
Pallas The Wedge InsideOut UK Néo-Prog
Peter Gabriel So Charisma UK Art-Rock / Pop
Pekka Pohjola Flight of the Angel Pohjola Finlande Fusion / Jazz-Rock -
Peter Hammill Skin Virgin UK Art-Rock -
Peter Hammill And Close As This Virgin UK Art-Rock -
Robert Fripp Toyah & Fripp - The Lady Or The Tiger E.G. UK Expérimental -
Robert Fripp The League of Crafty Guitarists - Live! E.G. UK Expérimental -
The Enid Salome Mantella UK Prog Symphonique -
The Enid Lovers And Fools Dojo UK Prog Symphonique -
Twelfth Night Twelfth Night Virgin UK Néo-Prog -
Univers Zero Heatwave Cuneiform Belgique RIO / Avant-Garde -
Weather Report This Is This Columbia USA Jazz-Rock

= 1987 =

Groupe / Artiste Album Label Pays Genre Chr.
Allan Holdsworth Sand Enigma / Restless UK Fusion
Aragon Don't Bring The Rain Progressive Australie Néo-Prog
Art Zoyd Berlin Cryonic France RIO / Avant-Garde -
Bellaphon Firefly Made In Japan MIJ Japon Prog Symphonique -
Bill Connors Assembler Evidence USA Jazz-Rock / Fusion
Chick Corea Elektric Band Light Years GRP USA Jazz-Rock
David Sylvian Secrets Of The Behive Virgin Records UK Ambient / Pop
Deyss Visions in the Dark Musea Suisse Néo-Prog -
Djam Karet The Ritual Continues HC Productions USA Rock / Space / Psyché -
Frank Zappa Broadway The Hard Way [Live] Rykodisc USA Rock / Fusion / Expér.
Fulano Fulano - Chili Jazz-Rock / Fusion -
IQ Nomzamo GEP UK Néo-Prog
Jethro Tull Crest Of A Knave Chrysalis UK Art-Rock
Marillion Clutching at Straws EMI UK Néo-Prog
Pat Metheny Group Still Life Talking Geffen USA Fusion
Pekka Pohjola New Impressionist Pohjola Finlande Fusion / Jazz-Rock -
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason EMI UK Art-Rock
Roger Waters Radio K.A.O.S. Columbia UK Art-Rock / Pop -
Rush Hold Your Fire Mercury Canada Art-Rock
Tribal Tech Dr. Hee Passport USA Jazz-Rock / Fusion -
Yes Big Generator Rhino records UK Art-Rock / Pop

= 1988 =

Groupe / Artiste Album Label Pays Genre Chr.
Abel Ganz The Dangers Of Strangers Ugum Ecosse Néo-Prog -
Anthony Phillips Tarka Pye Records UK Orchestral -
Cardiacs A Little Man And A House And... Alphabet UK Alternatif
Chick Corea Elektric Band Eye Of The Beholder GRP USA Jazz-Rock
Crimson Glory Transcendence Roadrunner USA Prog-Métal
Edhels Still Dream Musea France Néo-Prog -
Fates Warning No Exit Metal Blade USA Prog-Métal -
Frank Zappa Guitar Rykodisc USA Rock / Fusion / Expér.
Frank Zappa You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 1 & 2 Rykodisc USA Rock / Fusion / Expér.
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son EMI UK Hard Rock Prog
It Bites Once Around the World Warner Bros. UK Art-Rock / Pop
John Scofield Loud Jazz Grammavision USA Fusion / Jazz-Rock
Kansas In The Spirits Of Things MCA USA Prog Symphonique
King Diamond Them Roadrunner USA Prog-Métal -
King's X Out of the Silent Planet Megaforce USA Prog-Métal -
Magnum Wings Of Heaven Polydor UK Heavy Prog Rock -
Marillion The Thieving Magpie [Live] EMI UK Néo-Prog -
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime EMI USA Prog-Métal
Peter Hammill In a Foreign Town Enigma UK Art-Rock -
Sieges Even Life Cycle SPV Allemagne Prog-Métal -
Talk Talk Spirit Of Eden EMI UK Post-Rock
The Enid The Seed And The Sower Mantella UK Prog Symphonique
Voivod Dimension Hatross Noise Canada/FR Prog Heavy Métal -

= 1989 =

Groupe / Artiste Album Label Pays Genre Chr.
Allan Holdsworth Secrets Enigma / Restless UK Fusion
Anderson, Bruford, W H Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman Howe Arista UK Prog Symphonique
Art Zoyd Nosferatu Atonal France RIO / Avant-Garde -
Devil Doll The Girl Who Was Death Hurdy Gurdy Italie Prog / Gothique -
Djam Karet Reflections From The Firepool Orkhestra USA Rock / Space / Psyché -
Fulano En El Bunker - Chili Jazz-Rock / Fusion -
Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite Eastwest USA Prog-Métal
Frank Zappa You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 3 Rykodisc USA Rock / Fusion / Expér. -
Halloween Laz - France Prog Symphonique -
King's X Gretchen Goes To Nebraska Atco / Megaforce USA Prog-Métal
Marillion Seasons End EMI UK Néo-Prog
Michael Garrison An Earth-Star Trilogy Windspell Music USA Electronique
Nuova Era Dopo L'infinito Contempo Italie Prog Symphonique -
Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent Dovetail UK Space Rock
Pat Metheny Group Letter From Home Geffen USA Fusion
Rush A Show of Hands [Live] Mercury Canada Art-Rock
Rush Presto Anthem Canada Art-Rock
Thinking Plague In This Life Recommended Records USA Avant-garde/RIO

= 1990 =

Groupe / Artiste Album Label Pays Genre Chr.
After Crying Overground Music BG Hongrie Prog Symphonique -
Anthony Phillips Slow Dance Virgin UK Prog / Instrumental
Arrakeen Patchwork MSI/2C Production France Néo-Prog
Barclay James Harvest Welcome To The Show Polydor UK Rock
Chick Corea Elektric Band Inside Out GRP USA Jazz-Rock
Collage Basnie - Pologne Néo-Prog -
Devil Doll Eliogabalus Hurdy Gurdy Italie Prog / Gothique -
Fish Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors EMI UK / Ecosse Néo-Prog
Iona Iona Open Sky Records UK Folk-Prog / Celtic -
King's X Faith Hope Love Megaforce USA Prog-Métal -
Malibran The Wood Of Tales Pegaso / Musea Italie Prog Symphonique
Minimum Vital Sarabandes Musea France Prog Symphonique / Fusion -
Mike Oldfield Platinum Virgin UK Rock symphonique -
Ozric Tentacles Erpland Snapper UK Space Rock
Providence And I'll Recite An Old Myth King/Crime Japon Prog Symphonique -
Quaterna Requiem Velha Gravura Faunus Brésil Prog Symphonique -
Queensryche Empire EMI USA Prog-Métal -
Peter Hammill Out Of Water Enigma UK Art-Rock
Solaris Solaris 1990 Hungaroton Hongrie Prog Symphonique -
Steve Vai Passion & Warfare Epic USA Metal Prog Instrumental
Tribal Tech Nomad Relativity USA Jazz-Rock / Fusion -
U Totem U Totem Cuneiform USA RIO / Avant-garde -
Voivod Nothingface MCA / Mechanic Canada/FR Prog Heavy Metal

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